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Investment Performance Services Group provides customized detailed investment reporting for individuals, CPAs, business managers, trust departments, foundations, investment advisors and any participant in the financial markets.  IPS Group produces a comprehensive summary of our customers` investments and the results of those investment efforts.  Our reports allow for critical assessment of the effectiveness of both the service providers and the individual`s own participation in the marketplace.

IPS Group tailors each report to the client`s unique needs.  Our goal is to convert data into meaningful information. 

Some of the areas that IPS Group`s reports address include:

  • Investment performance
  • Asset allocation
  • Commissions and fees
  • Fixed income
  • Income and expenses
  • Cash flows
  • Realized and unrealized gains and losses
  • Foreign securities
  • Non-registered securities

IPS Group`s reports can be produced for you in print, via email or online through our secure website.


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