The Process

We do not simply give you the service provider`s information in a different format.

1) IPS Group receives monthly activity files, statements and other means of communication from the investment-service providers (i.e., brokers, custodians and advisors).  Additionally, confirmations are sent to us as the transactions occur.

2) Each piece of information is then verified for accuracy and integrity.

3) Only transactions and money market interest are taken from the information provided by the service provider.  All other transactions (e.g., corporate actions such as splits, exchanges, mergers, dividends, and interest are all collected from independent sources).  This assures the accuracy and integrity of the information and substantially reduces the chances for fraud.

4) After obtaining all relevant investment data, the information is then reconciled back to the custodial statements.  If there is any material discrepancy, we will contact the service provider for verification and correction. 

5) IPS Group classifies equity assets according to S&P 500 guidelines, municipal bonds by in-state or out-of-state and mutual funds by Morningstar.  IPS Group also can report on assets whether they are registered or not, closely held, real estate and many other investment types.

6) After all of the information is verified, we calculate returns in accordance with guidelines established by the Association of Investment Management and Research (AIMR-PPS).

7) Returns are again reviewed for accuracy and forwarded to the end client.

8) IPS Group produces easy-to-read reports in one of three formats: print, via email or via secure website.


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