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Whether you are an individual investor, broker, money manager, corporation, trustee, or have fiduciary responsibility for an investment plan, you desire to maximize your performance in the financial markets while minimizing any potential risks.  You must evaluate your portfolio to make educated investment decisions.  Even the most sophisticated investors cannot make informed decisions regarding their investment portfolios and their advisors without accurate, comprehensive information.

  • Do my statements show the pertinent information on all of my investments?
  • Does the return on my investment have much meaning without comparison to a relevant index?
  • Am I paying too much in transaction costs?
  • What is my investment allocation?  How is my portfolio divided among stocks, bonds, and super-safe investments such as money market funds and certificates of deposit?  Am I too heavily invested in any one industry? 
  • Have my bonds maintained their creditworthiness?  What is my exposure to interest rates?
  • Do I know my realized and unrealized gains and losses so that I can effectively manage my taxes?

Investment Performance Services Group has developed an infrastructure which provides answers to the above questions.  In these dynamic and often turbulent times, many investors wisely avoid putting all of their eggs in one basket.  They instead opt to diversify investments by utilizing multiple service providers.  IPS Group plays an important role for investors and their advisors by providing impartial, consolidated reporting for all assets, no matter where those assets are held or who is managing them.  For example, an IPS Group Client could have one account with Goldman Sachs, two accounts with Merrill Lynch, a company-sponsored 401K account and an IRA account.  IPS Group`s third-party reporting brings together all of the investment information.

IPS Group has stringent internal guidelines to ensure that all information is kept strictly confidential.

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